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02/13/2010 16:48
  Plow Days Nov. 5 2011 at the Beacon Hotel, 220 Beacon Rd. Renfrew Pa. 16053. All Makes and Models Welcome     

Photo Gallery: Homepage

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J and D Lawn and Tractor Sales Cub Days Tractor Cruise August 15, 2010

02/08/2010 20:23
  4 annual Cub Days Tractor Cruise Aug. 21 th 2011 at 11020 Perry Hwy ( across from Wright Pontiac) Wexford Pa. 15090. FREE FOOD AND DRINKS!!! 9:00am to 3:00pm Bring your Old or New Cubs and Internationals (any shape or condition) Will have Cub Cadet items for a free raffle and...

Up Coming Events

02/04/2010 18:47
 April 29th , 30th, and May 1st. 2011 International Harvester Chapter 34 at the Beacon Hotel the 3th annual PLOW DAYS, We will have extra tractors and people to help you plow. Also there will be Corn Shelling, Corn Grinding with a IH Burr Mill and Wood Chipping...

About Me

01/27/2010 23:42
I started into this as a hobby in 2001 when I retired thinking I would not have anything to keep me busy. Today I have 7 restored Cub Cadets (thanks to Mike Lamar for his help). I have 2 originals, 2 model 100 and models 70, 72 and 122 with rear PTO. All of the restored tractors have fenders with...