Date 12/03/2011

By ♥ Girl20pretty ♥

Subject ..


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Date 07/10/2010

By Michael Cain

Subject plow days


I love to see the older cub cadets plowing.

Date 08/11/2010

By Wally

Subject Re: plow days


We will be doing it again on APRIL 30 at the Beacon Hotel in Renfrew, Pa. for are third annual Plow Day. Sure hope to see you there and plowing also. Bring a tractor with a plow or use one of mine.

Date 06/06/2010

By Casey M. Angeletti

Subject Cadets


Hi again Wally, Great web page. Thanks for letting Ace and I check out some of your Cubs yesterday We had a good time. Were shure to make your plow days next year, just hope we find a plow by then.

Date 06/24/2010

By Wally

Subject Re: Cadets


Your welcome and I sure hope your be at plow days on April 30th with plows.

Date 04/25/2010

By Kevin

Subject cub cadets


I have a great cub cadet 70 and a 128 as well. I had a very nice 100 and wish I had kept it. My 70 never lets me down.
Elverson Pa.

Date 04/28/2010

By Wally

Subject Re: cub cadets


Are you going to come to are Plow Days Kevin?

Date 04/14/2010

By Dave Rust

Subject Plow Daze


Gosh this looks like fun. You guys have a nice website too.
I'm interested in what model Cadets will pull a plow and how they are attached.
Dave Rust near Forsyth, Mo

Date 04/28/2010

By Wally

Subject Re: Plow Daze


Watch for new picture of are plow days after May 1st Dave

Date 03/09/2010


Subject PLOW DAY


LOOKING foword for good weather so we can get plowday going. cant wait see you there

Plow Days

Plow Days at the Beacon Hotel April 29, plowing April 30 and leave on May 1

01/31/2010 15:44
  3 annual Plow Day & Show at the Beacon Hotel Renfrew, Pa.16053 Camping & Dinner Fri.-Sun. Garden tractor plowing Sat.April 30 from 9am till dusk A fund-Raising Auction and plus a free raffle to all that are registered at 1PM . There will be breakfast, lunch &...