About Me

01/27/2010 23:42

I started into this as a hobby in 2001 when I retired thinking I would not have anything to keep me busy. Today I have 7 restored Cub Cadets (thanks to Mike Lamar for his help). I have 2 originals, 2 model 100 and models 70, 72 and 122 with rear PTO. All of the restored tractors have fenders with head and tail lights, they all have creepers gears except one of the originals. Also in very good condition is a red model 682, 73 with a tiller and a super cub 2182 with 3 cylinder water cooled engine, 60" deck also a model149 with lights and a foot control. I also have 2 models 86 one with a tiller, creeper gear that I just to do gardens with and the other to haul a trailer around. For garden plowing I have 2 model 128s and a 122 with hyd lift all with creepers. I have another model 122 with a creeper along with the 128s and 122 with the hyd lift and a 1000 with snow plows for snow work in the winter ( they got a lot of used this year so far) but not by me as I am a snow bird and I am in Florida. I have other Cub Cadets like 2 model 1650 ,1250, 129 and more.Well maybe my hobby got out of control but I just love it, its called yellow fever hope you get it too.... Remember that every Cub Cadet that ends up in a Scrap Yard is one to many, that would be one less for ever!!!! 



Photo Gallery: Website launched

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